About Us


The Beginning:
In 1979, Don & Artie Hughes purchased 4 angus cows that became the start of Hughes Angus Farm. With the desire to raise exceptional performance-oriented cattle, we became early implementors of artificial insemination(AI). As a result of AI usage, the base of the cow herd is stacked with exceptional sires and dams of the past 41 years. In 1994, Keith & Debbie Hughes joined the family operation increasing the herd to 80 cows. In 2014, Aaron & Laura Hughes became the third generation in the family operation.

The Results:
Hughes Angus Farm believes the results speak to the success of any operation. We are extremely proud to have owned BUBS Plenty Good N47, the 2004 Grand Champion Bull of the Arkansas State Fair. His performance in the show ring is further supported by an excellent set of EPD’s and a 12 star DNA test. More information is available on Plenty Good under the Semen for Sale tab.

With a decade of reporting calving data to the Angus Herd Improvement Records(AHIR), 4 current dams have risen to the elite status of Pathfinder dam. We believe this may be the ultimate test of raising cattle with an extreme performance advantage.

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